Info for Current Students

Places to Pray

Muslim students and visitors can pray in the Prayer Room that is located next to the chapel in the Rice Memorial Center (RMC). Prayer rugs, headscarves, and flip-flops (for doing wudu) can be found the the lower left cabinet. If the Prayer Room door is locked on the outside, go through the main chapel entrance and enter the Prayer Room through the door at the front right of the chapel (behind the podium). We have uploaded video tours of the Prayer Room as well as other places to pray on campus on YouTube. Feel free to take a look.

Jummah Prayer Info

Jummah prayers are usually on Fridays at 2 PM in the Kyle Morrow Room, on the third floor of Fondren Library. Check the Rice MSA Facebook page [or our blog posts on this site] to stay up to date about Jummah prayer arrangements. You can also sign up to give khutbahs here.

Halal Dining at Rice

At Rice, there are many halal food options for Muslim students. In addition to halal food offered in the serveries, there are other stores that offer halal food. Droubi’s Mediterranean Grill and the Whoo Deli have an excellent selection of halal food options. Make sure to stop by the Housing and Dining office to get the halal/kosher option added to your undergraduate meal plan. (More info here.)

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