Rice MSA Jummah Prayer for Friday, April 17th (Duncan PDR)   Recently updated !

Assalaamualaikum, A reminder that Jummah will be in the Duncan PDR on the second floor of West Servery. The West Servery building is #77 on the attached map. Once inside of West Servery, look for the stairs near the entrance to the food serving area itself. These stairs will be located just outside the glass […]

Rice MSA Weekly Announcements

AssalamuAlaikum, The Rice MSA would like to give a BIG shout out to all the volunteers at Fast-A-Thon this past weekend! Without all of your hard work and sincere efforts this type of event would never be possible! Alhamdullilah we are so lucky to have such an enthusiastic group of individuals in our MSA, and […]

Rice MSA Weekly Announcements-BIG events coming up!

AssalamuAlaikum, Alhamdullilah the Rice MSA had an awesome time at MSA Showdown this weekend! I would like to thank everyone who went, and I encourage all to join us in Showdown again next year! The MSA girls won first place in nasheed aH, and Malaz & Nadia Z. got first place in art mA! 1) […]



And the MSA President for the 2015-2016 school year is…

Assalamu’alaikum, We’re pleased to announce that Ahmad Razi will be the Rice MSA President for the 2015-2016 school year! InshAllah, the MSA will continue to grow under Ahmad’s leadership. and we’re looking forward to a great year. The next order of business is board elections. The way these elections work is that everyone runs to […]

Rice MSA Weekly announcements

AssalamuAlaikum, 1) MSA Showdown-This Friday!!! For all of you who are going to MSA showdown here are some details: Here’s the finalized list for drivers: Sarah B. Doha Aboul-Fotouh Sahar Sawani (To college station) Fatima Alvi (From college station) Zaid Haque We will be leaving right after Jummah (3:15 PM SHARP!!! NO MUSLIM STANDARD TIME!!!) […]

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Rice MSA Rice MSA Elections

AssalamuAlaikum, Rice MSA is also now accepting blurbs for the position of MSA PRESIDENT!! If you’re interested in presiding over this amazing organization, you should send a picture of yourself and a blurb to ricemsa. Blurbs are due Wednesday 3/25 at 11:59PM, and usually describe why you want the position and what you hope to […]

Rice MSA Weekly Announcements

AssalamuAlaikum, Feel free to email us at ricemsa with any comments or blurbs that you would like shared through the listserve! InshAllah we have many fun events coming up like MSA Showdown, Fastathon, elections, and the end of the year banquet! 1) MSA Showdown-Register ASAP MSA Showdown is near (April 3rd-5th)! For those of you […]

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The Rice MSA visited Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital to read to pediatric patients. L to R: Zaid, Ahmad, Qazi, and Sasha

Reading to Patients at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

Today, members of the MSA visited patients at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, reading them stories and helping them with arts and crafts. The children were overjoyed and grateful for the activities, and we ourselves enjoyed reading to the children and brightening their day. We hope we can continue service projects like this in the […]

Rice MSA Weekly Announcements

AssalamuAlaikum, Thanks to everyone who came out for game night last week! It was a lot of fun 1)Story time at Children’s Memorial Hermann-03/21 On Saturday, March 21st some MSA members will be hosting a story-time activity at the Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital (a block away from Lovett College). We’ll leave at 1 pm and […]

Rice MSA alumna Sarah is med school and studying for her countless exams. Sounds fun!(?)

Rice MSA goes on Spring Break!

March 2nd through March 6th was Rice University’s spring break, and MSA members young and old had a blast. Check out photos some members took of their memorable trips!